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Little Bee Yoga

Discover the light of your own soul.

Located in San Diego California, Little Bee Yoga offers yoga classes for people of all ages and ability levels.  The way we live in the world is a reflection of who we are on the inside.


Three Bs of Yoga

Meet Sarah Webre

Registered Yoga Teacher & Registered Children's Yoga Teacher with a Special Emphasis on Teaching Children with Special Needs

From an early age Sarah exhibited a strong dedication to helping others. She started working with individuals with special needs while she was in high school, where she quickly developed a love and passion for helping others. Now, she specializes in helping individuals with cognitive and language delays, sensory processing, and behavioral challenges. Sarah began her journey with yoga as a form of self care, but quickly saw how it could benefit others. She is a registered yoga teacher for both adults and children through Yoga Alliance. Sarah would love to join you on your mat, wherever that may be. Her goal is to create a safe, inclusive environment to practice yoga so that you may enjoy the benefits of the practice.

Meet Sarah

Why Yoga?

Focus & Coordination

Yoga strengthens our vestibular system through yoga allows us to move in a smooth & efficient way, working along side our other senses.  

Self Regulation

We use techniques that help calm and promotes happiness, helping one gain a deeper awareness of your emotions.

Breath & Body Awareness

We become more aware of our breath and our body as we gain a mindful approach to life, helping one explore sources of stress and anxiety in your own body and how to relieve stress.

Strength & Flexibility

Through yoga, one will gain strength and flexibility, which help our overall health and well-being.

Self Confidence & Self Esteem

We have to integrate our wounds into our understanding of who we are and what we are really capable of, so that we can be whole human beings.  It is only from there that we can begin  the process of healing.  We are never just one thing.  We are complex, complicated beings.  Beneath all the history and stories there is pulse and a urning to be heard.

Why Yoga



Our private school institution really enjoy when Sarah comes to visit. She always keeps the children engaged and on their mats. We look forward to having Sarah in our classroom again.


I am a parent of a child who meets Sarah weekly for yoga sessions. My child has received a greater awareness of his body, as well as an understanding of the space his little sister needs. He like to teach his sister all the cool yoga poses and songs Sarah teaches him.


We met Sarah in the park today. It was our first class. Sarah offered to let me participate. I did and had a blast! I really think my daughter enjoyed seeing my inner child come through on our yoga adventure. Thank you Sarah! We will come see you again soon!

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Private Yoga Sessions for Children or Adults
Small Group Children's Classes
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